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You've worked really hard to get here. Do not risk your future.
Going into the admission process blind is not advisable since there is a lot of information you do not know and schools will not tell you. 

Are you aware that the delivery of your essay and accomplishments can make the difference between you being admitted, waitlisted, or rejected? 


I've seen it happen too frequently where one small change in the application would have swung in the admission decision.  I am here to help you. I've done this work professionally for over 20 years, worked with thousands of students, and know what it takes to get great results.  My one-on-one students routinely get in their top choice schools because we showcase how awesome they are.

Sample list of TAP clients acceptances in 2018 & 2019
UNC - Chapel Hill
Bryn Mawr
NC State
UC - Santa Barbara
Wake Forest
LIU - Global
Univ. of Virginia
UC - Berkeley
Univ. of Georgia
Univ. of South Carolina
New York University
Sarah Lawerence 
Univ. of Tennessee
Univ. of Michigan
UNC - Wilmington
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