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You want the best education possible and to get it you need to think beyond just grades and test scores. The approach you take as well as the presentation strategy you employ will define how you are received by admissions' decision-makers. 
How do you decide where and when to apply for the best results?
How do you set yourself apart from similar applicants?

What school is the best fit? Will you get in where you want to go? 

Tap Their Potential prepares students for today’s college admissions process. We know the secret sauce that sets one candidate apart from another and we can help you create a unique narrative that ties together experience, grades, interests and maximizes your chances of getting into your choice colleges.


We are experts at steering students and their families through the process and we can provide varying levels of support. Families find that our services reduce anxiety and soothe family relationships during a stressful time.

Levels of support:

“Single-minded students”


5 hours of coaching for one set of public in-state schools and one private school. For example, the state of North Carolina - UNC, NCSU, UNC-W or the state of California - UC-Berkeley, UC-Santa Barabara, etc...  and Duke or any other private school. Total of 5 hours. 

Fee: $1500


“Straight-forward Decision” Package

10 hours of coaching spent on your targeted needs including college identification and selection, summer internship research, application strategy, essay editing, etc. YOU DECIDE HOW THE HOURS ARE USED! This is a reduced rate from the standard hourly rate and the ability to identify your specific needs and focus on the elements of the college admissions process that are most important to you.

“Easy Decision” Package – 10 hours

Fee: 2,750.00

“Comprehensive” Package

10 schools and all the hours required to apply. This package requires weekly meetings in-person, on Skype/Zoom or phone, starting in late summer and running through mid-fall in addition to regularly scheduled meetings prior to senior year. It is the best cost-per-meeting value. We will take over the entire application process for up to 10 schools ensuring that scores are mailed, essays proofread, brag sheet prepared, recommendation letters crafted.  Tap Their Potential must approve of two schools selected as safeties. 

“Comprehensive” Package – 10 schools
Fee: 7,500.00

($500 for each additional school)

A la Carte Services

If you are more interested in one or two components within the college application process, a la carte services at an hourly rate may be the right route for you:

Here is a sampling of the services offered:

  • Course selection from 8th grade up to 11th

  • Assessments (colleges, careers, college majors)

  • Campus visit planning and recommendations

  • Common App extracurricular activities

  • Preparation of a comprehensive “Brag Sheet” for counselor and teachers

  • Strategy for requesting Letters of Recommendation

  • Strategy for demonstrated interest

  • Essay Brainstorming

  • Essay Editing

  • Application Review

  • Interview preparation

  • Scholarship essay brainstorming and review

  • Specialized strategy sessions for individual situations

A la Carte services: $325/hour