Kristin offers several ways to engage – different “levels” of service.  What A. and I did was to meet with Kristin to talk about our needs.  For me it was important that A. would feel comfortable working with Kristin and that it was a good “fit” for both of them.  After the initial appointment, they met on their own most of the time.  I tried to pick her up a little early to be informed and know what I needed to do to support A. between meetings.  However, it was really nice to have A. in charge of the process (with heavy guidance from Kristin). 


I can say that for A. it was really very helpful.  Kristin provided tools and advice to keep A. focused on the deadlines, tasks etc.  A. still went through short periods where she would “freak-out” over this or that – and then she’d meet with Kristin and have a plan that would make her feel confident and less worried.  Kristin also helped A. figure out what was important to her in terms of the experience (school size, educational focus, urban/rural, geographic setting, student mix etc).  I know for me it was invaluable because I did not have to nag her about what needed to get done next or the pressure of figuring it all out. 

Caroline S.

“Worth every dime and then some! The guidance we received was invaluable. Kristin was great at

separating and managing what we needed as parents and what our son needed as a student. She

narrowed the search and introduced schools we had not considered. After talking with us and then
our son separately, she told us how this journey was going to end. We did not believe her. Guess what,

she was exactly right! She is empowering and calming during what can be a really stressful process.”

Julia and John Lockhead

We worked with Kristin starting my daughter's freshman year of high school and found her to be calming, wise, and a great cheerleader.  Talking with Kristin, my daughter was able to articulate her goals and interests in a way she hadn't been able to do on her own. This helped her navigate her large public high school and confidently choose classes that truly interested her.  Kristin also set up a schedule for us for college planning, and knowing what we had to do each step of the way took a lot of pressure off both me and my daughter. Kristin has a down to earth and realistic approach to what has become an unnecessarily high-stress time for teens and we wouldn't have wanted to navigate it without her.  


--Mother of a Harvard student. 

As promised, a happy news update!  J. was accepted to Columbia early decision!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for all of your help and for jumping in at the 11th hour.  It made all the difference!
Lauren K